​​​"Kelly truly shines as a Yoga and Pilates instructor and trainer.  Her positive demeanor and depth of knowledge makes training with her a pleasure.  Kelly is a caring listener who works with her clients to create a training program designed to achieve one's physical goals.  Her knowledge affords her the ability to modify training sessions as necessary to accommodate injuries or increase the intensity of any workout session.  I've found Kelly to be supportive and encouraging in my time working with her.  Her routines are creative and I always look forward to our time together.  It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend Kelly as a personal trainer.  She is simply amazing!"

​-Kelly M.

"If you want an amazing workout with incredible results, then go see Kelly at Fit Monkeys. She is my star trainer, and fully responsible for my addiction to Pilates! Fit Monkeys combines yoga with Pilates to give you a complete workout in a zen-like environment.


- Stephanie N.

"Kelly is a great trainer! Very knowledgable about the body and diet as well!  I have always left every session feeling like I got a great workout and my money's worth!"

​-Marissa M.

"Kelly is an excellent, creative, highly skilled Yoga and Pilates trainer, whether in private or group sessions.  She is always positive, encouraging, and just a wonderful, sweet presence to be around.  She will give your body the most beneficial workout it needs."

​- Jenene M.

"I have been training with Denise, the Fit Monkeys owner, for 8 years. She is wonderful!  Denise is highly trained and absolutely the best there is in all forms of exercise.  Her new studio in downtown Carlsbad is lovely and welcoming with everything you need to keep your self fit and healthy.  I highly recommend this new studio and it's owners Denise & Kelly.  You will not be disappointed!"

-Victoria M.

Kelly is very knowledgeable in both Pilates and yoga. I started training in Pilates with her three years ago. She is very attentive and understanding. She takes into account my personal injuries during training. She customizes and modifies work outs based on how my body is feeling that day so that I can get the best workout. Kelly is also a wonderful yoga instructor. She emits a very calm and peaceful energy during her sessions. 
Some Pilates studios can be a little intimidating but Fit Monkeys is quite the opposite. The environment is very welcoming and relaxed. Both Kelly and Denise reflect that positive and warm energy. If you are new to Pilates/yoga or looking for a new place to train I highly recommend giving Fit Monkeys a try. You will definitely not be disappointed.

-Akemi A.


 I am truly inspired to write this one for Denise at Fit Monkeys because she really deserves it. If you want a really knowledgeable and careful trainer, you could not do better than Denise McClelland. I am new to using a personal training, but have been an athlete all my life and I understand the body what it needs, what will give you an injury, etc. I have had plenty of injuries but never with Denise. I am also old enough to have limitations (partly from past exercise injuries!) that Denise finds ways around. There is no muscle group that Denise can't find a way to strengthen, regardless of limitations. I have been with her for about a year now, starting at a gym and following her to Fit Monkeys. It is great that Pilates as well as other modes of workouts are available now where they were not when at a regular gym. She really is excellent as well as personable and caring.

-Katherine R.

"Excited to work out at FIT Monkeys! I have taken pilates and yoga with Kelly for years and she is GREAT!"

​-Renie L.

"I am extremely grateful to Kelly for the outstanding results she has helped me achieve  through her dedication, professional ability, and warm commitment.  Our private Pilates sessions have long been quite the highlight, as well as happy challenges, of each week.
Kelly is an excellent trainer!! And the new studio is great, with good vibes!!"

​- Hannelore S.

"Denise McClelland has been my personal trainer for over four years for one reason - she is very good at what she does! She has the skills to tailor a combination of exercises for all her clients, whatever age they are or whatever physical issues they may have. She takes elements from aerobic exercises, pilates, and weights to fit the needs of a client on any particular day. I'm an "60 something" client with a couple "issues" that she takes into consideration. But she gives me a full  50-minute session and I always feel like I have had a good workout. 
Denise and her daughter Kelly now have their own studio, Fit Monkeys and it a joy to visit; it had lots of light and is very tastefully decorated, plus it has all the equipment you might need. Needless to say, I highly recommend them both and wish them a successful future with their own studio. They deserve it."
- Carol M.  

"Denise was highly recommended as a great trainer so I decided to give her a try after my sessions with another trainer ran out. I've had excellent trainers in the past so the bar was set pretty high for her. Denise didn't disappoint! She listened as I explained my limitations and expectations and created a program to attain my fitness goals. Not only does she demonstrate the moves but explains the why and what of it. Her belief is anyone can go to the gym and pump iron but its a whole different ballgame to execute correct form, which is first and foremost in her training. Bonus! I had no experience with Pilates but she infused some into my workout which is not only beneficial, but fun!"

​- Geri B.

"Kelly is a great personal trainer!!!  Each day she customizes the work out to where you are physically and emotionally.  Kelly is an expert in safely rebuilding a body.  She's an expert in physiology and is a great motivator.  I've tried many different kinds of exercise routines and personal trainers.  Kelly is the BEST!!!  She keeps the sessions moving, changes up what we do, and keeps me going.  Her workouts include pilates, aerobics, strength training and yoga.  I've been soooo impressed!!!!  Her new studio is fab!!!  Love it!!!"

​-Toby K.

"Fit Monkeys is a fun, clean, super-cute new studio and a great place for fitness.  Kelly is excellent!  I have been training with her for just under a year and like her so much that I followed her to Fit Monkeys which is much less convenient from where I live,  but I can't give her up!!  She is an excellent pilates instructor and personal trainer.  She is flexible and can work with you based on your personal goals or will plan a complete session for you.  I love how she combines Pilates with cardio and machines for a complete workout.  She is encouraging but pushes you to get the best results.  She is also very knowledgeable about anatomy and proper form which is very important to me as I don't want to waste money on ineffective training.  I highly recommend Fit Monkeys and Kelly!!!"

​-Mary  B.

"Kelly helped me rehab from a chronic shoulder and neck injury. Her depth and breadth of  knowledge regarding anatomy, pilates, yoga and general fitness are extremely impressive. Kelly is fun, super professional and thorough! She will ensure that every minute with her is well spent. I have only worked with her one-on-one, but look forward to taking one of her classes soon."

- Lainie C.

"I have been working with Denise for about 8 months and cannot say enough great things about her.  She has many years of experience and it shows!  Denise has a thorough knowledge of anatomy and physiology of the musculoskeletal system. Initially I began training with Denise because of a rotator cuff injury.  Denise's knowledge of anatomy and how the body builds and heals muscles is above and beyond what I expected.  I no longer have any issues with my shoulder and still train with Denise.

Every session with Denise is different, working different parts of the body in the most innovative and fun workouts.  Yes, they are fun, but also intense, I often have a pleasant soreness after our workouts, but have never been injured from them.  Her methods involve weights, pilates, yoga, a little bit of everything, they are fun and very effective.Recently I attended a "bootcamp" type training session at another gym just for fun, but without Denise's guidance on the correct form (her mantra) I injured my knee :-(  Mea culpa, won't do that again!

Go now while you can still get in!  She is THAT good!"

-Susan P.