Joseph Pilates developed "contrology", now called "pilates", in the early 20th century.  Joe became interested in the human form and human movement from a young age. He was an avid gymnast, body builder, circus performer and even an experience martial artist.

Before immigrating from Germany to the United States in 1925 he began developing his own exercise methodology which he named "contrology" now called Pilates. Joe used this methodology to help recovering WW I veterans. Actually his equipment was first designed using a hospital bed. After immigrating in 1925 Pilates further honed his methodology and opened his famous studio in New York City where he trained a variety of clientele and many performing artists/dancers most notably  Martha Graham and George Balanchine. For more info on the origins of pilatesclick here.

Pilates encourages mind/body connection to bring attention to postural alignment and core stability. Pilates puts a lot of emphasis of breath to movement, spinal integrity, deep torso stabilizers, and deep hip stabilizers. There are hundreds of exercises and almost limitless modifications and variations of Joe's exercises that can be done on both the mat and equipment. 

Pilates is ideal for clients interested in increasing flexibility, balance and coordination, in addition to clients interested in strengthening and stabilizing core and joints.   

At FIT MONKEYS we are a fully equipped pilates studio in downtown Carlsbad. 

FIT MONKEYS pilates is a great option for a  variety of clients such as professional athletes/dancers, individuals with hip and knee replacements, pregnant women, individuals with osteoporosis, individuals with spinal disk herniations, individuals with scoliosis, individuals with torn ACL/ MCL, individuals just looking to tone up and more! For more information about the benefits of pilates click here.


At FIT MONKEYS we have not only great trainers but the best equipment available. We have two Balanced Body studio reformer tower combos, a combo chair, and spine corrector. For more information about Balanced Body pilates equipment click here.

Benefits of Pilates

  • Improved core and back strength
  • Improved posture and balance
  • Improved flexibility
  • Increased spinal mobility and stability
  • Increased joint stability and range of motion
  • Increased coordination
  • Enhanced mind-body connection
  • Increased strength and endurance

And more!


Pilates And Yoga in Carlsbad