First Session

Please try to arrive 15 minutes early for your first session to fill out the necessary paperwork. Please be sure to wear comfortable athletic clothes, a sweat towel, and toesox. If you do not have toe sox you can buy them at our studio or click here to buy them directly from toesox.

What to expect

During our first session we will gather necessary information from you. For example, we will ask you whether you have any physical ailments, injuries, or disease we should know about. In addition, we will discuss what your goals are, what your current fitness routine is, ect. After we have gathered all relevant information we will  perform fitness and posture assessments to determine possible strengths and weakness. Finally, we will discuss your desired goals and we will devise a plan to help you achieve them.

The first session is all about us getting to know you, your body, and what motivates you. Usually the first 30 minuets will be devoted to this and once we have a clear plan we will commence our training.


Private sessions at Fit Monkeys range from $85-$95 per session

Session price is determined by the number of sessions that our clients plan on completing per week and whether they are done privately, semi-privately, or done in combination. 

All of our session packages are priced very competitively, in addition you receive much more training options than your average pilates studio or personal training studio.

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Fit Monkeys Personal Training


​​Our Mission

At FIT MONKEYS in Carlsbad we specialize in crafting customized individual fitness programs for our clients. We utilize a holistic training approach that includes personal training, pilates, and yoga. At FIT MONKEYS we can help you achieve your fitness goals, no matter what your fitness level or fitness goal may be.


Our Philosophy

Currently there is a trend in the fitness industry towards cheap homogenized group training. At FIT MONKEYS we know we are all unique physically, emotionally, and mentally. Therefore, there is no "one-size fits all" fitness program. Through our many years of experience and research we have found that clients are more likely to achieve their desired fitness goals if their routine is determined by their body, their interests, and what motives them to stay on track.

Additionally, we at FIT MONKEYS we are extensively educated in human anatomy, bio mechanics, and corrective exercise to help our clients safely achieve their fitness goals. Most studios lack the knowledge and experience to help clients safely and intelligently achieve their fitness goals. However, at FIT MONKEYS we have the knowledge and experience to confidently train a variety of clients.

Educated and experienced trainers are a must, but let's not forget fitness should be FUN! At FIT MONKEYS we have extensive training in pilates, yoga, and personal training. This wide variety and continually expanding training helps us at FIT MONKEYS keep your fitness routine fresh, innovative, and FUN! We are a studio that believes in creativity, innovation, and adapting training based on the latest research.

At FIT MONKEYS we specialize in private and semi-private training in order to deliver our clients the best possible quality training. Private and semi-private training leads our clients down the safest, most effective, and fun path to achieving their fitness goals.

Our Methodologies

At FIT MONKEYS we utilize training methodologies such as personal training, pilates, and yoga. We emphasize proper biomechanics or "form". Additionally, we strive to cultivate heightened awareness of the  mind-body connection in our clients through verbal, tactile, and visual cues.