Kelly Riffel, B.A.

UC Santa Cruz

Fitness has been a huge influence in Kelly's life since she was young. In middle school Kelly became involved with cross country and track and fell in love with running. When she was 14 she started her yoga practice to help her increase her flexibility and coordination.

Soon after being introduced to yoga she also fell in love with pilates because it helped alleviate pain associated with her scoliosis. Pilates also improved Kelly's running performance by increasing her joint stability and mobility, while also increasing core and back strength.

Before college Kelly decided to become a certified pilates instructor so she could continue teaching something she loved while earning her degree. In 2008 Kelly completed world renowned Julian Littleford's 500 plus hour apprenticeship program and soon after was PMA Certified. Kelly worked at two pilates studios while attending school in Santa Cruz.

In 2012, After graduating Summa Cum Laude from UCSC with a degree in psychology, Kelly decided that she wanted to help people was through exercise.

Kelly worked at various studios in San Diego while becoming a certified personal trainer through NASM in 2013. In 2015 she completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training certification under world renowned yoga master Katie Brauer at Yoga six.  

In 2018 Kelly also completed NASM's corrective exercise specialist certification and senior fitness specialist certification.

Kelly has years of experience training individuals with various physical limitations to experience training professional athletes.  You name it Kelly can intelligently craft a routine right for you.

In 2022 Kelly completed NASM's Behavior Change Specialization certification. 


Owners Denise McClelland and Kelly Riffel

Denise and Kelly are a mother and daughter team who have been
inspired by fitness their whole lives.  After 32 plus combined years of experience in the fitness industry as pilates instructors, personal trainers, and yoga instructors they decided to open up their own studio in 2015 in Carlsbad! This would not be just any studio, but a studio which specializes in customized individual fitness routines. Most importantly the studio would have a fun, warm, encouraging atmosphere!​ 


"Most people die when they are 25 and aren't buried until they are 75."

-Benjamin Franklin

Denise McClelland, B.A.

Penn State University 

Denise has 18 plus years of experience training at a wide variety of fitness studios. Denise is most known for her time as a pilates instructor at  former Julian Littleford's world renowned Pilates studio. She is also known for her time as a personal trainer at CHUZE fitness where she was distinguished as the top trainer out of the 14 CHUZE gyms across the country multiple times in a row. In addition, Denise has trained at a variety of smaller pilates and fitness studios. Through these experiences Denise exposed herself to a variety of teaching styles, cultivated a rich knowledge base, and created a respected reputation among the fitness community.

Denise  has assisted clients with knee and hip replacements, rotator cuff tears, disk herniation's, scoliosis, osteoporosis, to spinal stenosis meet their fitness goals(after a doctors ok of course). She also has experience training clients with high blood pressure and heart disease as well. You name it, Denise can figure out a way to craft a safe routine for her clients to achieve their fitness goals.  

Over the years Denise has developed a loyal client following. Her loyal following is not only a factor of her ability to get her clients results, but also due to Denise's warmheartedness and kindness.

What separates other trainers from Denise is her constant drive to expand her knowledge base. Denise believes the more knowledge of her craft she has, the better she can help her clients.

In 2005 Denise completed world renowned pilates instructor Julian Littleford's  500 plus hour apprenticeship certification program. Julian's certification prepared Denise to work with clients with a variety of physical issues. Denise continued her education and became a certified personal trainer through NASM in 2012, a highly respected training certification among personal trainers. 

In 2022 Denise Completed NASM's corrective exercise specialist certification, as well as NASM's Women's Fitness specialization certification.